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Understanding Slide Basics And Slide Designs In Microsoft powerpoint 2016

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Each PowerPoint Presentation is made out of a progression of slides. To start making a slide appear, you’ll have to know the rudiments of working with Slide Basics. You’ll have to feel good with assignments, for example, embeddings another slide, changing the format of a slide, orchestrating existing slides, changing the slide see, and adding notes to a slide.

Understanding Slide Basics and slide designs

When you embed another slide, it will as a rule have placeholders to demonstrate to you where substance will be set. Slides have distinctive designs for placeholders, contingent upon the sort of data you need to incorporate. At whatever point you make another slide, you’ll have to pick a slide format that fits your substance.

Diverse slide formats

Placeholders can contain diverse sorts of substance, including content, pictures, and recordings. Numerous placeholders have thumbnail symbols you can snap to include particular sorts of substance. In the case underneath, the slide has placeholders for the title and substance.

A slide with purge placeholders

To embed another slide:

At whatever point you begin another introduction, it will contain one slide with the Title Slide design. You can embed the same number of slides as you require from an assortment of designs.

  1. From the Home tab, click the bottom half of the New Slide command.
    Clicking the bottom half of the New Slide command

2. Choose the desired slide layout from the menu that appears.

Choosing a slide layout

3.The new slide will appear. Click any placeholder and begin typing to add text. You can also click an icon to                      add other types of content, such as a picture or a chart.

The new slide

                  4. To change the layout of an existing slide, click the Layout command, then choose the desired layout.

Applying a new layout to an existing slide

                   5.To quickly add a slide that uses the same layout as the selected slide, click the top half of the New                                    Slide command.

Inserting a new slide with the same layout

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