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Let’s Discuss The Basic Features Of Microsoft Word 2016

Let's Discuss The Basic Features Of Microsoft Word 2016


In case you’re new to Microsoft Word Basic Features, you’ll have to take in the rudiments of composing, altering, and sorting out content. Essential undertakings incorporate the capacity to include, erase, and move message in your archive, and also how to cut, duplicate, and glue.

Utilizing the inclusion point to include content

The addition point is the squinting vertical line in your report. It shows where you can enter message on the page. You can utilize the addition point in an assortment of ways.

  • Clear report: When another clear archive opens, the inclusion point will show up in the upper left corner of the page. In the event that you need, you can start composing from this area.

the insertion point

  • Including spaces: Press the spacebar to include spaces after a word or in the middle of content.

adding spaces with the space bar

  • New section line: Press Enter on your console to move the addition point to the following passage line.
  • moving the insertion point
  • Manual situation: Once you start writing, you can utilize the mouse to move the addition point to a particular place in your record. Basically tap the area in the content where you need to put it.

pressing Enter to create a new line

  • Bolt keys: You can likewise utilize the bolt keys on your console to move the inclusion point. The left and right bolt keys will move between contiguous characters on a similar line, while the here and there bolts will move between passage lines. You can likewise press Ctrl+Left or Ctrl+Right to rapidly move between whole words.

In another clear archive, you can double tap the mouse to move the addition point somewhere else on the page.

Choosing content

Before you can move or arrangement content, you’ll have to choose it. To do this, snap and drag your mouse over the content, at that point discharge the mouse. A featured box will show up finished the chose content.

selecting text

When you select content or pictures in Word, a float toolbar with charge alternate ways will show up. In the event that the toolbar does not show up at to begin with, have a go at floating the mouse over the determination.

the Hover Toolbar

To choose various lines of content (Basic Features):

  1. Move the mouse pointer to the left of any line so it becomes a right slanted arrow.
    placing the cursor to the left of the text
  2. Click the mouse. The line will be selected.
    selecting a line
  3. To select multiple lines, click and drag the mouse up or down.selecting multiple lines of text
  4. To select all of the text in your document, choose the Select command on the Home tab, then click Select All. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+A on your keyboard.
    selecting all text in the document

Other shortcuts include double-clicking to select a word and triple-clicking to select an entire sentence or paragraph.

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